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Step 1. Once you have determined that Allergy Drops Therapy™ may be a solution for you, call Sanjevani Integrative Medicine Health & Lifestyle Center for an Allergy Consult appointment with Dr. Sunil Pai.

Step 2. During your Allergy Consult Dr. Sunil Pai will take your medical history, review your current allergy treatment (prescribed medications, over the counter medication, dietary supplements, herbs and tintures) and provide an allergy testing kit (blood test only, no skin pricks) for evaluation pertinent to your history and symptoms (i.e. inhalants, foods, gluten sensitivity & celiac disease, candida, additives/colors/chemicals). Take the allergy testing kit to the lab of your choice (no fasting or stopping any medications necessary).

Step 3. After about 2 weeks we will call you to make a follow up appointment to go over the results of the blood draw. Based upon your history, physical exam and test results, a treatment plan will be developed using either Allergy Drops Therapy™ (sublingual immunotherapy) or other natural therapies including specific education on dietary and lifestyle changes. Dr. Sunil Pai may suggest environmental changes and symptom-relieving natural therapies such as Bosmeric-SR or Guna Biotherapeutics for additional support for those with severe or highly symptomatic allergies.

Step 4. If allergy drops have been prescribed, then will be custom formulated based upon your specific results from the laboratory testing and ready in one about one week.  A short 10-15 minute visit (no charge) is made to go over the instructions for using the allergy drops once they are ready to pick up. Each bottle of Allergy Drops Therapy™ lasts for  weeks.  Every 5 weeks a reminder via email and a courtesy phone call is sent to remind you to re-order allergy drops. You are now on your way to allergy free days!


Now that you know the steps, find out about the Sanjevani Advantage.

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