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In addition to being able to treat patients of all ages safely and effectively, the other advantages of using Allergy Drops Therapy™ include:

Integrative Medicine Allergy Consult. Most allergists spend a few minutes with you, schedule skin prick testing and then offer allergy shots or prescribed allergy medication. Most people leave the allergists office with the same if not more medications than they came in with. In addition, with skin prick testing there are many factors that influence the accuracy which may lead to false positive and false negative results. With Allergy Drops Therapy™ during your one hour consultation with Integrative Medicine expert Dr. Sunil Pai a holistic approach is used along with accurate blood testing which is more sensitive and specific for testing allergies (i.e not influenced by medications, supplements, herbs, hydration, elevation, etc). In addition, environmental, dietary and lifestyle education is provided along with other options for a complete Integrative Medicine approach such as Bosmeric-SR, biotherapeutics, and other clinically tested natural therapies.

Lower costs, fewer clinic visits. Compared to allergy shots and other allergy treatment programs, Allergy Drops Therapy™ typically costs less and requires fewer clinic visits. Patients using Allergy Drops Therapy™ in addition to the lifestyle and nutritional counseling provided by Dr. Sunil Pai can avoid weekly or monthly office visits that typically occur with allergy injections or other allergy treatment programs.

More convenient. The allergy drops that are offered as an option in Allergy Drops Therapy™ comes in a bottle which last 6 weeks and does not need refrigeration nor contains any artificial preservatives or chemicals (such as phenolics in shots). It also contains a metered dose pump and specialized angled tip for easy application under the tongue. One squirt under the tongue three time a day – that is all that is needed. No need for messy droppers or need for refrigeration as seen with other allergy drops used by other allergists or clinics. In addition, other natural options (Bosmeric-SR and biotherapeutics) are provided immune and inflammation support for additional help with allergies if needed.

Less medication. Patients report, and research confirms, that most patients need less medication to control symptoms after beginning the program of Allergy Drops Therapy™. They also appreciate the financial benefits of reduced medication expenses previously spent on antihistamines, steroids, inhalers, dietary supplements, herbs and tinctures as well as avoiding unwanted side effects!

More allergy-free days. When following recommendations and treatments provided from Allergy Drops Therapy™ patients will avoid missing school or work and even hospitalizations. Therefore they can enjoy more allergy-free days.


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