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Allergy Drops Therapy™ utilizes the safe and effective treatment of SLIT - sublingual immunotherapy in addition to other natural therapies. Allergy Drops Therapy™ dosing is based upon the patient’s individual accurate blood testing allergy results. Allergy Drops Therapy™ is customized to the individual, not using a "allergy zone" of homeopathics but actual low dose antigens as given in allergy shots (but without any additives or chemical such as phenols). With this approach, Dr. Sunil Pai has been able to successfully treat even the most sensitive allergy patients from children to adults with chronic conditions, including those with severe asthma and food allergies who were not candidates for allergy shots (SCIT - subcutaneous immunotherapy).

Allergy drops have been used around the world for nearly 70 years. Predominantly used in Europe, it is now being used worldwide as the gold standard choice of treatment of allergies. There are over 80 clinical studies show that allergy drops are safe and effective. In fact, the World Health Organization endorsed sublingual immunotherapy (aka Allergy Drops Therapy™) as a safe option to injection therapy (subcutaneous immunotherapy). Research shows that allergy drops are safer and more effective than allergy shots. They are also more convenient leading to better compliance and completion of the recommended treatment. To date, there has never been a systemic, anaphylactic or near-fatal reaction reported from this treatment.

Learn more about the 4 Steps to Allergy Drop Therapy™ and how allergy sufferers could benefit.

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