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As healthcare costs continue to rise along with the increase risks of side effects with prescriptions medications, allergy drops (sublingual immunotherapy) has become more popular in the U.S. Used worldwide, especially in Europe, allergy drops are a safe and convenient option for allergy patients. Although, allergy drops are becoming more common, not all forms of allergy drops are alike. At Sanjevani, Allergy Drops Therapy™ includes Dr. Sunil Pai use of allergy drops (which follows the La Crosse Method™ Practice Protocol) because it offers a comprehensive, safe and effective approach to treating the broadest range of allergic patients. The methodology used behind this approach has more than 40 years of clinical application in treating 135,000 patients.

Dr. Pai believes that each treatment should be tailored for the patient. There is no universal optimal dose that applies to all patients. Each patient's treatment includes only the allergens they have tested positive for, and their dosing is based off of accurate blood test results versus skin prick testing which can have various inaccuracies.

Dr. Pai's philosophy is that by treating patients with a precise therapeutic dose based on their test results, he can eliminate the risks of unnecessarily high doses that can trigger unwanted reactions, and avoid unnecessarily high doses that can increase cost of therapy. Just as important as the dose is the frequency that the allergy drops are taken. Instructions on use is three times a daily continuously to provide maximum benefits.

Dr. Sunil Pai also offers the simplicity of consistent patient instructions throughout treatment — patients are not sent home with complex or varying dosing instructions or multiple bottles for the same allergies. Patients are prescribed one bottle for their specific inhalent/environmental allergies and one bottle for specific food and chemical allergies containing a 45 day treatment supply in addition to the environmental, diet and lifestyle counseling provided by Dr. Sunil Pai. For those patients choose not to take the allergy drops, they will be provided with other natural therapies for treatment of their allergies.

For those with Inhalant allergies, Dr. Sunil Pai recommends to use Allergy Drops Therapy™ since we can't avoid what we breath in our environment. 

For those with food allergies, Dr. Sunil Pai recommends just food avoidance but if multiple food allergies exist then Allergy Drops Therapy™ can be used to increase tolerance to exposure to those foods.  Nutritional consultation can also be provided if needed for those with limited experience cooking or with dietary plans.  Options of going shopping to learn how to read labels and choose healthy alternatives is also available to those who undergo the allergy consultation.  Cooking classes are also available at Sanjevani.  Please sign up for our newsletter for educational events and activities.

Thus multiple natural options for treatment of both inhalant and food allergies that are safe and convenient, education and personal attention is provided.  This is the Sanjevani Advantage.

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