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Most people get tired of taking antihistamines and steroids for their allergies due to the inconvenience, side effects and difficulty of avoidance of their allergens. Most people want to treat the underlying cause of the allergies, not just the symptoms. This is when the program of Allergy Drops Therapy™ can be a wonderful option to those who want to improve their quality of life by treating the underlying condition and reducing their symptoms as a result.

Those who can benefit from the program of Allergy Drops Therapy™ include the following:

  • Patients who are sensitive to medications, herbs and supplements. Allergy Drops Therapy™ are perfect for those who can not tolerate or have sensitivities to prescription medications, OTC medications, dietary supplements, herbs and tinctures. Allergy Drops Therapy™ are without side effects.

  • Infants and children. Many infants and children have chronic eczema and recurrent ear infections. These maybe triggered by underlying allergies. Unfortunately treatment with steroid creams and antibiotics can have unwanted side effects and only treat the immediate condition but do not prevent the occurrence again. Thus using Allergy Drops Therapy™ in addition to the other therapies provided by Dr. Sunil Pai can help not only help the immediate conditions at hand but also decrease the onset of future chronic diseases such as asthma.

  • Severe asthmatics. Allergy drops can increase the immune response and support inflammatory responses thereby decreasing asthma symptoms. By doing so, over time, one can reduce their medications and inhalers, even severe asthmatics. As a part of the Allergy Drops Therapy™, natural anti-inflammatory support using Bosmeric-SR, biotherapeutics from Italy and salt inhalers may be used for additional support.

  • Patients with chronic sinusitis. Treating the underlying causes of allergy with Allergy Drops Therapy™ has shown favorable results in patients with chronic sinus conditions. In addition if a sinus infection is present, Dr. Sunil Pai may prescribe “Dr. Pai’s Famous Nasal Wash” a compounded prescription nasal wash used to treat sinus infections (with use of neti pot) at its source, avoiding the systemic effects that antibiotics can have upon gastrointestinal and immune system.

  • Patients with food and mold allergies. Aside of avoidance, there has been little to offer those with food and mold allergies in the past. Allergy Drops Therapy™ can currently be helpful to those patients. In addition to avoidance of foods, Allergy Drops Therapy™ can provide support for inadvertent exposure of foods or unavoidable environmental exposure of molds.

  • Patients afraid of shots. Allergy Drops Therapy™ is a great option for those who are afraid of shots or whom have adverse reactions from previous injection therapy.

  • Patients who can not tolerate pain of shots or who are sensitive. Allergy Drops Therapy™ are a great alternative to those who prefer painless treatment or who are sensitive to chemical such as phenolics, additives and preservatives that are in allergy shots.

  • Patients who have busy schedules. Allergy Drops Therapy™ are taken according to their daily schedule and are more convenient than going to and from the doctors office and waiting 15-30 minutes weekly with shot therapy.

  • Patients with multiple allergies. Allergy Drops Therapy™provides options to treat for those with multiple allergies to both inhalants and foods. Over a dozen or more allergens can be treated per drop treatment versus only a few allergens with multiple shots. In addition, environmental allergen reducing education as well as lifestyle, diet and nutritional counseling is provided. Furthermore, other safe and clinically effective therapies can be provided to address other co-existing conditions.

How Allergy Drops Therapy™ Works

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